Bidding closing time:

Bidding is closed now. Total sum raised through the auction was 5162.
Thank you for your interest in this exhibition/auction and your warm wishes for Japan.

Huutokauppa on nyt suljettu. Huutokaupan avulla Japanin katastrofi rahastolle koottu summa oli € 5162.
Kiitos kaikista lämpimistä toiveista Japanille ja kiinnostuksestasi tätä näyttelyä/huutokauppaa kohtaan.

Artworks on Auction

1. Suzanna Asp

Scene No. 3, Reversed, 2009, 21 x 29 cm, Mixed Media

Estimate: 240 €

The spirit dwells inside

2. Saara Ekström

Strange Attraction II, 2010, 30 x 40cm, inkjet print (framed)

Estimate: 1000 €

I send my warmest thoughts to Japan and hope for a recovery. I miss that unique country, I miss the kind people and my friends there. I wish I was there with you.

3. Dénes Farkas

Silencium, 2009, C-print (Chromogenic color print), 72 x 72cm (Mounted on foam board & framed)

Estimate: 1000 €

4. Hanne Granberg

Untitled, 2010, 18,5 x 28,5cm (image size), pigment digital print (framed)

Estimate: 150 €

5. Heino Timo

Sininen kasvusto (Pale Blue Growth), 2009, sekatekniikka, (mixed media)

Estimate: 1800 €

Yononaka wo / Ushi to yasashi to / Omo(h)e domo / Tobitachi kanetsu / Tori ni shi arane ba

I feel the life is / sorrowful and unbearable / though / I can't flee away / since I am not a bird.
(Yamanoue no Okura)

6. Heli Hiltunen

Le Ciel craquelé, 2011, 70 x 80 cm, digital c-print, photosec

Estimate: 1500 €

7-A. IC-98

Escape from Tokyo. A Selection of Answers to the Question »Where Would You Escape to (fromTokyo)?», 2008. 60 p., 12,5 x 17,6cm, offset (bw/duotone), soft cover, perfect bound, edition of 300. Iconoclast publications 10. ISBN 978-952-67122-1-5. 

Estimate: 10 €

7-B. IC-98

Theses on the Body Politic (In the Labyrinth), 2008. A set of 29 cards, cardboard case, 19,4 x 35,0cm, offset (bw/duotone), edition of 200. Iconoclast Publications 12. ISBN 978-952-67122-4-6. 

Estimate: 80 €

8. Jan Kaila

Women from St. Petersburg #1,  2007 , 83,5 x 59cm , inkjet-print (mounted on MDF board)
Pietarilainen nainen #1, 2007, 83,5 x 59cm, värituloste (mounted on MDF board)

Estimate: 850 €

This photograph, representing a photograph at the grave of an unknown woman in St Petersburg, is - I wish - a small monument for an ordinary person.
We and our neighbours, ordinary people here and there, dreaming, working, enjoying, suffering. This is how we are placed on earth.

9. Shoji Kato

Distance 13, 2006, 25 x 25cm, pigment, watercolor, wax, acrylic, varnish on Reynobond board

Estimate: 1500 €

My sympathy for those who are lost and gone; for those who lost loved ones, homes and the land; and for those who are enduring with the difficulties. My best wishes will remain despite the passage of time and degree of distance. 

10. Jaakko Karhunen

Is in the air for you and me, from the series Film Stills, 2005, acrylic, 80 x 60cm

Estimate: 600 €

Is in the air for you and me

Discovered by Madame Curie

Tune in to the melody

Is in the air for you and me

11. Eungyung Kim

Breathing of the Mountains- Through and around I, 2010, 40 x 40cm, watercolor on stretched paper on canvas

Estimate: 600 €

Lifting up my eyes and offering my prayers that little more love, little more peace, little more understanding will reach you each day.

12. Jussi Kivi

Selection of posters from the Fire & Rescue Museum, 2009, collage, a set of two framed pieces, 53 x 73cm (each frame size)

Estimate: 1000 €

13. Matti Kujasalo

Untitled 15.3.2011, 2011, 40 x 40cm, acrylic on canvas

Estimate: 5000 €

Hope (Toivo)

14. Elina Merenmies  

A Miracle, 2009, 24 x 31cm, ink on paper (framed)

Estimate: 3000 €

O God Who made all things, Who transforms all things and Who looks after all on earth; Who makes it tremble; Who touches the mountains and they smoke; Who shakes all things under the heavens to their very foundations, and yet its pillars are not moved; Who pushes the foundations of the earth, and yet makes them firm at a gesture; Remember Your compassions, O Lord, and grant to us Your mercy which is from the ages. Confirm the creation and strengthen the earth; set atright its trembling and make firm its shaking. For You are our God - a God merciful and quick to save - and to You we ascribe glory; to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

15. Arto Nurro

Planetoids, 2009, 19,5 x 26cm, graphite, ink, collage

Estimate: 600 €

16. Taneli Rautiainen


Lähiö/Suburb, mixed media sculpture/installation, 80 x 60 x100cm

Estimate: 1000 €

17. Mari Sunna

Untitled, 2011, 18 x 13 cm, oil on MDF board

Estimate: 1900 €

18. Päivi Takala

Vanitas series (Claesz), 2011, 59 x 50cm, oil on canvas

Estimate: 3000  €

19. Ilona Valkonen

Kahdenistuttava  (A Seat for two), 2010, 41cm x 73,5cm (diptych), gouache on canvas

Estimate: 250 €

We all live in a neighbourhood of potential catastrophe.
It is a coincidence that divides us into fortunate and unfortunate ones.

20-A. Hannu Väisänen

Quilt, 2010, mixed media on paper, 42 X 32cm

Estimate: 1100 €

20-B. Hannu Väisänen

Owl of Minerva, 2010, mixed media on paper, 42 X 32cm

Estimate: 1100 €

21. Laura Wesamaa

4 emergency/hospital tents from an installation Leiri, shown at Helsingin Kaupungin Taidemuseon Kluuvin Galleria, 2008, 10 x 15 x 20cm & 20 x 22 x 20cm, tempera on paper

Estimate: 100 € each tent


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